Bible Class @ 9:30 a.m.
Worship @ 10:30 a.m.


Bible Class @ 6:30 p.m.

2510 East 10th St.
Jeffersonville,IN 47130



Latest Sermon

"new beginnings”

Listen as Teaching & Church Life Minister Cory Lamb continues the series, “I Promise,” when he discusses the promises of God. This week’s message is entitled, “New Beginnings.”


Joint Services @
Okolona Church of Christ

“Keith lancaster Praise & Harmony”

Join us for joint Bible classes and worship at Okolona Church of Christ on Sunday, Sept. 15th. @ 10:30 a.m. No classes or worship at Northside.


Small Groups 2019-20

“Build your life christ skills”

Registration is now open for the upcoming Small Groups session. This year we’ll focus on building our life Christ skills in four areas.


M.A.G.I. Gift Project

“help us reach our goal”

We’re again partnering this Christmas with Manna Global Ministries for the M.A.G.I gift project. Help us Make a Godly Impact for the children in the Dominican Republic.



We at Northside want to connect in many ways.  Our primary goal is to get connected to God and his son, Jesus Christ.  We seek to connect others to Christ and His word as well.  Through our ministries, we aspire to connect with others through faith, friendship and fellowship.

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We at Northside have a fervent desire to grow in many ways.  Growing in God's Word and growing closer to Christ is a focus in that journey.  We want to connect to God's word to grow our spiritual relationship with God.  We work to grow by building relationships with one another and ultimately grow Christ's church.



We at Northside strive to utilize our efforts of connecting and growing that we may serve.  Our service to God is vital in order to connect others to Christ and to help them grow a relationship with Him.  We work to serve God, the church and our community.  Service is a way to measure our connection and growth.