Small Groups Ministry

We want to help you experience community of Christ on a deeper level.  Our Small Groups Ministry is the best way for you to form meaningful relationships within the larger congregation and belong to a group of people that truly know you.

Each Small Group at Northside is unique and reflects the personalities and passions of the people in them.  But they share the same goal - to form life-changing relationships so people are closer to one another and most importantly, to God.

Small Groups gather to connect with one another and enjoy fellowship.  They grow through bible study and prayer, and they serve each other, volunteer in our church and reach out to our community.

We value friendships and want to be connected with others as you grow in Christ.  If you are not in a Small Group already, we pray you will join one today!

Small Groups 2019-2020

Starting the week of September 1st. Small Groups is asking everyone to build their Christ like skills. Please register for a night of the week that works best for you. Either Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday and commit to the skill building process. Every group will meet from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the building on their designated night. Every quarter a new skill building opportunity will be hosted on each night to help us develop our skills. Lastly, Everyone is welcome to come to the church building on Sunday night from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm where we will have a discussion around the lesson from Sunday morning. The different skills building opportunities are as follows.

Service: work on a service project in the Jeffersonville area. Lead by Timothy Bowley, Tim Coombs, and Bryan Graves starting on Monday nights.

Stewardship: Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. There will be a cost for each family of $109.00 if you need assistance with the cost of the program see one of the elders. Lead by Mark Eddy and Chad Fordyce starting on Tuesday nights.

Evangelism: Go into the community and talk with people about Christ and Northside lead by Cory Lamb, Mikeal Gossage, and Patrick Sisk starting on Thursday nights.

Bible Study: Discussion based around a review guide Cory provides from his lessons. Lead by John Skomp and Jon eddy on Sunday nights.