Thankful for God's Faithfulness & Love

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration and reflection on the goodness of God.  Through out the Bible, we can see where God embraces the expression of gratitude. 

This Thanksgiving season, let us make it a point to make the most of this season.  Let us not forget to acknowledge God’s faithfulness to us. 

At the same time, let us also acknowledge the people in our lives who deserve our appreciation.  Let us remember our parents, our brothers and sisters, our children, our friends, and all the people in our lives who love us through the good and the bad. 

And we must also be thankful for a God that loves us.  Love so strong that he sacrificed his only son for us.

This Thanksgiving show your appreciation for God’s love by remaining faithful to him and His word. 

Worship when it's good and bad

Life can come at us fast. Between work, marriage, financial issues and health, we can sometimes feel like we are drowning. Luckily for us we have a Savior that walks on water.

We live in a world full of ups and downs and sometimes it’s hard to remember who is in control. We must remember though that we have a God who called us by name and deserves our worship. It’s easy to worship God when things are going well but it’s another story when life is the hardest.

We must remember that if God is God in the good times then God is God in the bad.

Finding your purpose

With so many things battling for our time, why is it so difficult to focus on what’s most important in our lives?

Take a moment and think about what’s important to you.  In other words, what’s your purpose?

What if that purpose had nothing to do with us but everything to do with God.  What if peace of mind and happiness could be found simply by abandoning the search for our purpose, but instead spending more time with God.

Think about the importance of worship in our lives. Worship is not only powerful but it also brings peace and purpose.  That sounds like a pretty good way to live.

There's no shame in just surviving

There’s a big difference between just surviving and conquering.  Often times what separates our successes from our failures in life is preparation.

There are many lessons we can take from God’s word.

One of those lessons being that God will never leave you or forsake you.  But even then there are times when you still feel alone, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

That’s why there’s no shame in just surviving.  But remember that God has given us the tools so we can become conquerors.

God expects us to work

Becoming more like Christ is the desire of every believer.  Making us Christ like is God’s work.

Remember that just because God will transform us into Christ like doesn’t mean we can just sit back and do nothing.  God expects us to work.  He expects our cooperation and commitment.

And while that transformation may be a difficult, God has given us the essential tools to becoming more Christ like.  He expects us to model ourselves after his son, Jesus Christ.

It starts by overcoming or conquering our fears.  Just like Daniel, we must choose to be faithful to God even it means being thrown to the lions. 

Be more like Christ

We all want to be our best.  And we’re our best when we strive to be more like Christ and less like ourselves.

Model yourself after God. That means committing yourself to a new way of life.  One that is based on goodness, acceptance and perfection.

We can change our way of thinking so we’re more Christ like.  The world’s thinking differs from that of God’s. But there are ways to defy the norms of the secular world to help us become better Christians.


Surrender to God's Will

Giving up control is not easy.  But sometimes we must surrender ourselves to God’s will.

We can transform our life through personal growth.  We grow the most when we give up our own individual will for that of God’s.

God gives us the ability to decide for ourselves as to what’s right and wrong.  But it requires us to remain steadfast in our faith.  

Just remember that God will point us in the right direction.  His will can change our outlook and help us find a path to joy and peace.  


When life challenges your faith

Have you had times when life has challenged your faith? 

We all go through moments that challenges us.

And our faith can be challenged as well.  But keep in mind that those trials can also help us grow and change.

Our faith is defined by how respond when things get rough.  We can endure those difficult times by turning to God.

Overcome your life challenges by embracing God’s word.  

Difficult times are rewarding

Sometimes the most difficult moments in our lives are the most rewarding.  Rewarding because those moments transform us on many levels.

You should strive every day to transform your life. 

The greatest transformation takes place when you become less like yourself and more like Christ.  And that’s not always easy in today’s world. 

Christ clearly showed us that the world will not always respond kindly to those who are different.  But it was worth it.

And our faith can be summed up the same way.  It’s difficult at times but rewarding for eternity.


Defying Normal

Each of us are different.  We are all unique.  And that’s part of God’s plan.

Over the next five weeks, we’ll study the uniqueness of Christian life. And how that life doesn’t mean we’re perfect.  In fact, as Christians, we must practice self-discipline to resist the temptation to conform to the ways of the world.

But along the way we also want to encourage those who are different to embrace the Christian life.  In God’s eyes, being different doesn’t matter.