Passing It On

Each person has experiences that shape the context of their lives.  Those life experiences, cultural shifts and lessons learned from life all shape our own unique position in life.  How we respond to people, circumstances and challenges are all shaped by what we have experienced.

Never forget that each of us were born and raised in circumstances that helped shape our sense of self and response to the challenges the world puts before us.

Sometimes those different experiences can divide people and cause tension within families or groups.  Our goal here at Northside is to combine God’s word with our different experiences to create a unique church experience that shows love, respect and wisdom in all circumstances. 

With that in mind, we need to be committed to pass on the message of Christ from generation to generation. We need to pass on the reigns of the church to the next generation so that they pass it on to the next generation. 

Heart behind giving

“Some say that money makes the world go round” and while with most things that may seem true but with church that is not the case.  Giving money is important… but how you give your time, attention and service to others is priceless.

It’s not always just about the Sunday offering. Giving is important but the heart behind the hand is what our focus will really be about.    

The truth is… is that God’s love makes the world go round.  How we receive that love and share it with others will be the most valuable commodity we can exchange.

Finding one's identity

We live in a time where identity is a very sacred thing.  Choosing sides, personal declarations or personal preferences are important for almost everyone.  Those personal choices are categorized and highlighted in many different ways.  Twitter made famous the “hashtag” and since that point popular culture has given us all a way to identify or categorize all of life’s decisions.   

Do you know that the bible talks about identity as well.  In Galatians 3 reminds us of a new identity we can identify with and that identity is found in Christ.  The bible gives identity to all people who chose to be faithful.   

That means poor, rich, men or women, slave or free, American or immigrant…  The magnitude of identifying as Christ or as a Christian gives us an opportunity to not only belong to something great but to represent that greatness to others.  

Get connected with God

In today’s fast pace world, it’s a challenge for us to remain connected with each other.  There’s so much taking up our time.  It seems we’re pulled in so many different directions. And staying connected with God can be just as difficult.  

We must work each day to connect with God.  

That connection starts by making God a part of our daily life.  It requires us to go beyond just the surface level.  

You can say all the right things, do all the right things, and yet still not experience the deep relationship God wants you to have with Him.  You can appear to have the perfect Christian life, but not be connecting much with God. 

When you learn to live in the reality of God's love, however, you can go deeper in your relationship with Him than you'd ever imagined.

Living in the moment

Choosing to live by Christ’s example can be overwhelming but the rewards of that choice are overwhelming as well. 

One of the greatest gift you can receive is love or friendship from someone else.  Love and belonging is a need we all search to fulfill.  The bible tells us in John 3:16 the God loved us so much that He gave His Son so that everyone who believes in him will not die but have eternal life.  God’s love is amazing for us and His choice to be present in our life.


Shifting through difficulties

Just like some computer keys can have more than one function, so do we.  There are times in life when we are shifting from one thing to another those times can be difficult.  

So how can we adjust to life’s changing expectations while managing our own responsibilities?  In our experience an enthusiastic church family makes a huge difference.  Finding support and encouragement from others has always made a big impact on how you shift through all of life’s difficult circumstances.

We all need Hope

We live in a world where hope is very valuable.  Everyone desires that confident expectation for things to work out the way they want.  In our relationships, jobs and future endeavors we all want some security knowing that things will work out for our good.

We’re reminded that the Bible gives us hope in knowing that all things God works for the good of those who love him.  “In all things” means good things and bad things… easy things and difficult things…  God’s plan is for us to rely on His Spirit to come to our aid in times of weakness and give us strength to overcome.  That sounds like a promise of hope.

Love Into Action

The New Year is upon us.  And we’re in the middle of our series devoted to unity in the church. 

In a world of “me focused” people I hope that Christians can become “we focused”.  Our hope is that we can direct our attention to community and caring for one another.  The Bible is full of examples of Christians taking care of others with love and mercy.  Throughout history Christians have not always been the best at showing love for others as Christ desires.

Remember that Romans chapter twelve encourages us to put love into action and by doing so we overcome evil with good.